My Testimony
I met a lovely young Christian girl at that camp meeting whose name was Shirley Ann Zielke.  After praying and asking for God’s will concerning my future, I asked Shirley to be my wife and we were married on September 18, 1965.  We have been married now for almost forty-two years.  We have four wonderful children, David, Rachel, Susanna and Rebekah.  All express a love for the Lord Jesus.  I can say that God has been good to me through the years.  I am truly not worthy of the least of His mercies, yet He has shown to me the greatest of them. (See Genesis 32:10.)
After that camp meeting service, I began to attend church in Tacoma, Washington.  In 1966, God graciously filled me with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in another language. (See Acts 2:1-4.)  In 1967, I felt lead to go to Conqueror’s Bible College in Portland, Oregon.  I attended for three years and in 1970, feeling the call to the ministry, went with my young family to Mitchell, South Dakota, to help in the start of a new church.  We stayed for almost a year.  In 1973 my wife and I decided to move to Yankton, South Dakota, to begin a home missions church.  Although we did not leave an established church in Yankton, I was privileged to baptize nine people in the wonderful and saving name of Jesus while pastoring there. 

Since that time, my family and I have attended church in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and pastored in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and Lincoln, Nebraska.  In 1984, we moved back to Portland, Oregon, and attended the Abundant Life United Pentecostal Church in the St. Johns area of Portland. Then, in 1986, we started a church in our home in SW Portland, moving the church to Tigard, Oregon, in 1989.  In 2005, I resigned the Tigard church and during 2006-2007 served as interim pastor in Newport, Oregon. 

Throughout the years, the Lord has been an ever-present help to me.  God has granted me the privilege to baptize some fifty to sixty people in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many have received the wonderful gift of God’s Spirit, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.  My friend, let me thank you for reading through this narrative.  If you do not know who Jesus is, let me introduce Him to you.  The Bible calls Him “the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.”  (See Titus 2:13.)  The Bible says that He is “the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.” (See 1 Timothy 4:10.)  And finally, if you have never repented of your sins, do so today, be baptized in the saving name of Jesus Christ, and God has promised to give you the Holy Ghost.  Let Him become your all-in-all today.